Planning for your Retirement


People in Ireland are living to an average of 81 years old (Central
Statistics Office, 2016). It’s important to plan your pension so that you have the most enjoyable retirement possible.

Starting on the Path to Retirement

The starting point for anyone’s retirement plan is the State Pension ( if you’re eligible). This will probably not be suffcient to sustain you during your retirement.

By personally providing for your retirement through your pension plan you increase your income later in life.

It’s Never too Late

It’s never too late to start a pension and your personal circumstances will dictate this. Of course the earlier you start the more you will have at retirement age. This could potentially provide you with a comfortable pension.

Tax Incentives

Even if you had all the savings you’ll ever need, a pension would still be worthwhile
as an investment, because of the income tax relief you could get, if eligible. You could save money every year by investing in a pension scheme.

Understanding Pensions

At Hennebry Financial Services we tailor your pension to your needs. We monitor the performance of your pension and offer an Annual Review to discuss your ongoing needs.



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